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Balanced France
The expert in work-life balance

We train professionals in tomorrow's key skill: balance.


Did you know?


of employees experience chronic stress


of French people don't move enough

5 billion euros

Average annual costs of RPS and TMS in France for companies

And that's not counting :

the human impact, the impact on the meaning of work and, of course, the impact on performance of such issues.

No one ever explained to you:

💡 Your essential physiological and psychological needs & how to address them.

💡 How to adapt to stressful situations, individually and as a team, without burning out.

💡How to set up a marathon culture versus a sprint culture.


has set itself an ambitious goal

Give professionals the tools and methodologies to make balance a real skill, with a positive impact on their life balance, their well-being and, of course, their performance at work.

The Balanced at work method


This method, based on neuroscience, combines theory, concrete tools and individual or group support in a change management approach, to help you make balance a key skill for the success of your teams and your company!

How can I manage my daily professional and personal life? 

How can I manage busy periods without running the risk of exhaustion?

How can I support my teams and keep a sense of purpose in our work?

To what extent can balance at work reveal my/our potential?




The Balanced at work method

Executives / Entrepreneurs




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Our support

They trust us

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Why recommend the Balanced France experience?
I would say that it is a sign of modernity today to be interested in these subjects which are individual and collective performance factors for companies.

Yann Perrot, Senior Manager PwC

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