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Work Balance: The Future of Work competence that Reveals Your Full Potential 

Balanced France accompanies you and gives you the keys to balance your physical and mental health at work because investing in your balance is allowing you to reveal your full potential!

A real individual accompaniment ...

Each employee is unique and has their own rebalancing needs.


This is why, in all of our services, we offer the possibility to each employee to obtain an individual evaluation in order to identify their problems and to formulate personalized recommendations.

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... and collective

Our training experiences (bootcamps), seminars and workshops make balance a pillar of your employees' soft skills.



Through neuroscience, they understand their basic physiological and psychological needs



They integrate concrete tools adapted to professional and personal life to address these needs in periods of calm, and in periods of professional and/or personal intensity



In longer formats (bootcamps and seminars), a time of collective thinking allows each participant to write an individual action plan and then for teams to develop a collective action plan through which you can track impact indicators. 

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