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Neuroscience applied to the physical and mental health issues of professionals

The Balanced at work method makes neuroscience accessible to all in the service of your quality of life and HR issues! 

The Balanced at work method


Understanding the functioning of the body and especially the nervous system (including the brain): understanding our basic physiological and psychological needs and the main problems of the professional


Identify tools capable of activating certain neurotransmittors according to the professional’s daily needs

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A three step approach
Evaluate - Experiment - Integrate


An individual evaluation is offered to each employee before the training. Its objective: to identify individual problems & to formulate personalized recommendations.

Each employee clearly understands the objectives of the training and their own priorities within this experience.  


Applied training and coaching. Participants are trained and then apply shared methods.  The program ends with a time of collective thinking allowing everyone to prepare a personal action plan and teams to formulate a collective action plan.

Applies only to bootcamp and seminar formats. 


We offer individual coaching to each of your employees. Monitoring continues to incorporate new priority behaviours. With benevolence and pragmatism, the learner is responsible for their own balance. The follow-up can be from 3 to 12 months.

Individual and collective impact


  • Restore confidence in each team member’s ability to manage moments of professional and personal challenge

  • Concretely support the managerial issues of the organization



  • Support the development of balanced habits over time adapted to each employee and to their own personal and professional issues


  • Reveal the potential of each employee

  • Strengthen employee engagement

  • Support the sustainable performance of teams

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Together, let’s build the future of work!  

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