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  • Why train in balance at work?
    At Balanced, we see balance as THE key skill for the future of work. Balance is a determining factor in productivity, creativity, loyalty and, ultimately, happiness at work. Today, the problems linked to imbalance are numerous and have an impact on individuals, organizations and society. Investing in employee balance is a guarantee of lasting impact on the attractiveness, QWL and performance of organizations. Rebalancing involves learning new habits where they are needed, hence the importance of training in corporate well-being. Find out more with Tahnee in this video
  • As a company, is it up to me to ensure the balance and well-being of my employees?
    Since 2022, le code du travail stipulates that "Employers must ensure the health and safety of their workers by implementing preventive measures, information and training". While the 4Bs (burn out, blur out, bore out, brown out) represent major human resources issues, quality of life and performance issue, MSDs (musculoskeletal disorders) and RPS (psychosocial risks) among employees represent a cost of €8-10M / year for companies. According to Santé publique France, investing in preventive health care represents a ROI of €8 to €13 per euro invested. So, at Balanced, we are convinced that the company is not responsible for the imbalance of its employees, BUT that it is the right place to talk about and encourage balance dynamics that have a real impact on the company and its employees. Don't wait any longer to ensure the safety and protect the physical and mental health of your employees.
  • Who can benefit from our training courses?
    Balanced training courses are aimed at employees of all seniorities, from juniors to top managers. Whether you're an executive, HR, manager or employee, we can help you meet your quality of working life challenges by training you and your staff in the Balanced at work method.
  • What is in the training?
    All Balanced training courses (bootcamps, seminars, workshops) are based on the neuroscience-based Balanced at work method, to help you manage your QWL, HR and performance challenges at work. We help you and your employees to understand how your body and nervous system work, to identify tools capable of activating certain neurotransmitters according to your needs, and to build your daily balance. Find out more on our page "Our Approach". Ready to switch to the Balanced at Work method? Contact us for more details.
  • Can I participate in the training if I live outside than Paris?
    Are you interested in our offer and not in Paris? We offer you two options: the digital format or the possibility of visiting your area.
  • Who are the speakers during the workshops, seminars and bootcamps?
    Balanced works with a group of balance professionals. The Balanced at work method is mainly led by Tahnee Perrot Ramirez in partnership with a healthcare professional (physiotherapist, chiropractor, doctor, etc.). Find out more about this group and their backgrounds on the “Our Team”.
  • What are the foundations of the Balanced at work method?
    The Balanced at work method was inspired by the yogatherapy developed by Dr. Lionel Coudron over 20 years ago in France. Under his impetus and within the framework of the Paris 7 Faculty of Medicine, yogatherapy developed as a direct link with medicine in France. Historically, it has focused on mobility, breathing and meditation techniques, as well as on adapting lifestyle habits in the context of health care (psychopathologies and somatic pathologies). While this technique is mainly deployed in hospitals and associations in France, Tahnee Perrot Ramirez has specialized in its application to the world of work. She uses the same principles in her approach to prevention and managing balance on a daily basis. The method has been enriched by new approaches (NLP, cognitive science, neuroscience, management science), and is no longer purely yogatherapy, although it is fully inspired by it.
  • How do you ensure the impact of training over time?
    The Balanced at work method includes two main pillars to ensure a lasting impact on learners: Adaptation of theoretical principles and tools to individual challenges: drafting of an individual action plan based on the Atomic Habits method, which can be followed up with individual coaching. In the near future, our "Rituals" application will accompany you on a daily basis in the implementation of these learnings.
  • How can I join the adventure?
    Are you looking for an internship and are you passionate about balancing topics? Balanced is looking for a Marketing and Communications intern for the summer of 2023. Join our team by making an appointment Do you have balance-related expertise and think you have a role to play alongside us? Balanced works hand in hand with a growing network of experts, firms and digital applications. Join our collective by making an appointment
  • What is the cost of Balanced training?
    Companies pay a fee according to the offer chosen Balanced bootcamps: The rate is €2,500 excl. tax / employee (degressive for 3 or more employees). This offer includes 3 coaching sessions, 3 days of applied training, meals and a digital booklet. Balanced seminars : From €8,000 excl. tax, then according to your needs. This offer includes: an anonymous online questionnaire, seminar facilitation (1 day), meals, digital booklet, musculoskeletal disorder prevention kit. Balanced workshops: The price is €800 excl. tax/workshop, €1,500 excl. tax for 2 workshops, €2,000 excl. tax for 3 workshops. This offer includes an anonymous questionnaire beforehand, adaptation of the content to your teams' priority issues, workshop facilitation, and delivery of a digital booklet.
  • Can the training be financed by OPCO or CPF?
    Balanced is in the process of obtaining Qualiopi certification. From September 2023 onwards, training courses can be financed by OPCO or CPF.
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