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Leader Work Balance: unleash your potential and that of your teams

Inspire and motivate your teams, keep up the pace at all costs alongside a highly responsible profession... The life of a leader is not easy and Balanced France supports you with Balanced at work solutions. 

Train in the
Balanced at work method 

Join a Balanced at work bootcamp 

 3 days to

understand their essential psychological

and psychological needs


Integrate concrete tools

to manage periods of calm, intensity and post intensity 


Leave with an understanding on how to implement an individual

and collective action plan 

Network with participating companies

While continuing to work at 40% to apply the teachings live with the coach! 

Balanced France - BootCamp - 7.jpg

Organise a Balanced at work workshop or bootcamp for your team

You don’t have three days?

Organize a one-day seminar to train yourself in the basics of the Balanced at work method!

Or train your teams on an 1h30 format. 

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Testimonial of an entrepreneur

Testimonial of a leader

Ready to switch to
Balanced at work?
Let’s talk about it

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